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Name Birth Death
Hosemans, Anna-Maria  
Hosemans, Anna-Maria 1763-02-14 voor 1772-04-02
Hosemans, Cornelia 1795-08-09  
Hosemans, Jacobus  
Hosemans, Jacobus 1777-05-09  
Hosemans, Jacobus 1793-12-23  
Hosemans, Joanna 1799-06-20  
Hosemans, Joannes  
Hosemans, Magdalena 1797-05-09  
Hosemans, Mathias 1774-12-09  
Hosemans, Petrus 1764-03-05  
Hosemans, Theodorus  
Hosemans, Wilhelmus voor 1804-04-14