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Letter Type Date Gramps ID Person
B Baptism 1887-01-02 E0081 Duplessis, Guillaume Hubert [I0043]
B Birth E0064 Simmermans, Barbara [I0032]
    estimated 1868 E0071 van Hinsberg, Peter Hubertus [I0038]
    E0142 van Aken, Martina Arina [I0086]
    E0187 van der Leer, Maarten [I0081]
    E0189 van Wingerden, Elizabeth [I0082]
    1815-03-15 E0148 Duplessis, Damien [I0098]
    1818-04-05 E0151 Schiepers, Gertrude [I0099]
    1847-12-14 E0154 Duplessis, Leonardus Petrus Hubertus [I0100]
    1850-01-08 E0156 Duplessis, Joannes [I0101]
    1852-02-16 E0157 Duplessis, Leonardus Petrus Hubertus [I0102]
    1857-02-25 E0161 Duplessis, Maria Catharina [I0104]
    1860-03-08 E0145 Duplessis, Pierre [I0048]
    1862 E0147 Scholberg, Catharina [I0049]
    1863-10-27 E0162 Duplessis, Marie [I0105]
    1867-07-07 E0034 Lemmens, Hermanus Hubertus [I0016]
    1874-04-29 E0059 Grotaers, Arnold Victor [I0026]
    1874-06-19 E0061 Beckers, Maria Agnes [I0027]
    1875-06-26 E0037 Smeets, Maria Josephina Alexandrina Francisca Hubertina [I0017]
    1881-09-20 E0183 van der Leer, Jan [I0040]
    1887-01-02 E0080 Duplessis, Guillaume Hubert [I0043]
    1888-06-20 E0077 Haanen, Maria Anna Josephina [I0042]
    1895-03-20 E0101 Duplessis, Maria Catharina [I0053]
    1897-03-18 E0131 Kraft, Andriesia Catharina [I0073]
    1897-08-29 E0185 van Dalen, Petronella [I0041]
    1897-11-07 E0102 Duplessis, Maria Johanna Jacoba [I0054]
    1898-06-14 E0129 Kraft, Martinus Mathijs [I0072]
    1900-02-23 E0146 Duplessis, Maria Elisabetha [I0097]
    1900-04-16 E0128 Kraft, Nicolaas [I0071]
    1900-12-11 E0042 Grootaers, Victor Joseph Leonardus [I0024]
    1901-10-27 E0126 Kraft, Willem [I0035]
    1902-03-10 E0089 Grootaers, Maria Anna Leonie [I0045]
    1903-09-24 E0087 Grootaers, Elisa [I0044]
    1904-01-10 E0125 Kraft, Maria Gertruda [I0070]
    1904-04-01 E0043 Jacobs, Anna Maria [I0025]
    1904-04-07 E0066 van Hinsberg, Josephus Petrus Hubertus [I0037]
    1904-04-07 E0141 van der Leer, Maarten [I0085]
    1905-06-13 E0124 Kraft, Anna Maria [I0069]
    1905-09-28 E0065 Grootaers, Johanna Maria Agnes [I0036]
    1906-11-04 E0105 Hamelers, Henricus Petrus [I0056]
    1907-01-05 E0123 Kraft, Maria [I0068]
    1907-11-16 E0172 van der Leer, Elizabeth [I0106]
    1907-11-20 E0093 Grootaers, Hendrikus Arnoldus [I0046]
    1908-03-23 E0121 Kraft, Andriesia Catharina Maria [I0067]
    1908-04-23 E0021 Lemmens, Johannes Hubertus [I0011]
    1909-09-03 E0119 Kraft, Hendrikus [I0066]
    1909-09-09 E0174 van der Leer, Hendrik [I0093]
    1910-07-13 E0179 de Waard, Cornelis [I0090]
    1910-12-14 E0023 Kraft, Maria Catharina [I0012]
    1911-08-11 E0103 Duplessis, Marie Catherine [I0055]
    1911-12-23 E0177 van der Leer, Stijntje Janna [I0089]
    1912-05-17 E0117 Kraft, Hendrikus [I0065]
    1913-05-17 E0110 Lemmens, Maria [I0060]
    1913-08-09 E0115 Kraft, Maria Hubertina [I0064]
    1915-10-11 E0113 Kraft, Louis [I0063]
    1917-03-24 E0100 Duplessis, Catharina Maria [I0052]
    1917-03-24 E0108 Duplessis, Wilhelmus Servatius Hubertus [I0059]
    1918-07-24 E0006 van der Leer, Leendert [I0003]
    1922-09-22 E0009 Duplessis, Josephine Alexandrine [I0004]
    1945-05-22 E0013 van der Leer, Jan Guillaume [I0005]
    1953-03-20 E0159 Duplessis, Maria [I0103]
B Burial E0075 van der Leer, Jan Guillaume [I0005]
    E0076 van der Leer, Jan Guillaume [I0005]
    1954-04-08 E0079 Haanen, Maria Anna Josephina [I0042]
    1966-04-24 E0083 Duplessis, Guillaume Hubert [I0043]
    1978-08-13 E0184 van der Leer, Jan [I0040]
C Cremation 1999-10-20 E0011 Duplessis, Josephine Alexandrine [I0004]
    2004-06-09 E0008 van der Leer, Leendert [I0003]
D Death before 1928-09-28 E0072 Lemmens, Maria Hubertina [I0039]
    1849-09-24 E0155 Duplessis, Leonardus Petrus Hubertus [I0100]
    1852-05-17 E0158 Duplessis, Leonardus Petrus Hubertus [I0102]
    1857-01-17 E0160 Duplessis, Maria [I0103]
    1875-11-26 E0149 Duplessis, Damien [I0098]
    1897-07-21 E0130 Kraft, Andriesia Catharina [I0073]
    1898-02-14 E0152 Schiepers, Gertrude [I0099]
    1900-08-18 E0127 Kraft, Nicolaas [I0071]
    1907-08-21 E0122 Kraft, Maria [I0068]
    1908-08-15 E0120 Kraft, Andriesia Catharina Maria [I0067]
    1909-09-21 E0118 Kraft, Hendrikus [I0066]
    1912-08-06 E0116 Kraft, Hendrikus [I0065]
    1913-05-19 E0109 Lemmens, Maria [I0060]
    1913-10-01 E0114 Kraft, Maria Hubertina [I0064]
    1914-08-21 E0095 Grootaers, Maria Louisa [I0047]
    1918-07-31 E0099 Duplessis, Catharina Maria [I0052]
    1919-09-02 E0111 Kraft, Maria Antoinette [I0061]
    1921-10-20 E0133 Kraft, Simon [I0074]
    1924-01-20 E0063 Simmermans, Barbara [I0032]
    1927-03-23 E0186 van Dalen, Petronella [I0041]
    1936-06-09 E0033 Lemmens, Hermanus Hubertus [I0016]
    1945-09-18 E0060 Grotaers, Arnold Victor [I0026]
    1945-12-18 E0062 Beckers, Maria Agnes [I0027]
    1948-09-12 E0091 Grootaers, Johanna Maria Agnes [I0036]
    1950-09-30 E0134 Kraft, Bernardus [I0018]
    1952-07-15 E0014 van der Leer, Jan Guillaume [I0005]
    1954-04-05 E0078 Haanen, Maria Anna Josephina [I0042]
    1955-03-23 E0136 Kraft, Martinus Mathijs [I0072]
    1957-06-26 E0135 Kraft, Louis [I0063]
    1966-04-21 E0082 Duplessis, Guillaume Hubert [I0043]
    1971-07-01 E0164 Lemmens, Johannes Hubertus [I0011]
    1971-12-00 E0165 Wilhelmus, Catharina Hubertina [I0019]
    1973-03-27 E0180 de Waard, Cornelis [I0090]
    1984-10-19 E0178 van der Leer, Stijntje Janna [I0089]
    1988-04-27 E0175 van der Leer, Hendrik [I0093]
    1989-12-22 E0050 Jacobs, Anna Maria [I0025]
    1990-07-08 E0049 Grootaers, Victor Joseph Leonardus [I0024]
    1991-08-05 E0173 van der Leer, Elizabeth [I0106]
    1993-11-29 E0167 Duplessis, Wilhelmus Servatius Hubertus [I0059]
    1998-11-17 E0166 Duplessis, Marie Catherine [I0055]
    1999-10-15 E0010 Duplessis, Josephine Alexandrine [I0004]
    2001-06-15 E0163 Kraft, Maria Catharina [I0012]
    2004-06-04 E0007 van der Leer, Leendert [I0003]
M Marriage 1818-11-02 E0200 van der Leer, Maarten [I0125] van der Graaf, Adriana [I0126]
    1846-05-07 E0199 van der Leer, Teunis [I0117] van Eck, Stijntje [I0118]
    1847-02-10 E0153 Duplessis, Damien [I0098] Schiepers, Gertrude [I0099]
    1870-05-20 E0190 van der Leer, Maarten [I0081] van Wingerden, Elizabeth [I0082]
    1896-12-23 E0132 Kraft, Bernardus [I0018] Wilhelmus, Catharina Hubertina [I0019]
    1900-01-02 E0058 Grotaers, Arnold Victor [I0026] Beckers, Maria Agnes [I0027]
    1903-10-08 E0139 van der Leer, Jan [I0040] van Dalen, Petronella [I0041]
    1907-10-12 E0035 Lemmens, Hermanus Hubertus [I0016] Smeets, Maria Josephina Alexandrina Francisca Hubertina [I0017]
    1911-04-21 E0107 Duplessis, Guillaume Hubert [I0043] Haanen, Maria Anna Josephina [I0042]
    1928-09-29 E0068 van Hinsberg, Josephus Petrus Hubertus [I0037] Grootaers, Johanna Maria Agnes [I0036] van Hinsberg, Peter Hubertus [I0038]
    1930-05-31 E0041 Grootaers, Victor Joseph Leonardus [I0024] Jacobs, Anna Maria [I0025]
    1930-09-24 E0140 van der Leer, Maarten [I0085] van Aken, Martina Arina [I0086]
    1931-05-13 E0022 Lemmens, Johannes Hubertus [I0011] Kraft, Maria Catharina [I0012]
    1931-10-21 E0143 de Waard, Cornelis [I0090] van der Leer, Stijntje Janna [I0089]
    1932-07-22 E0106 Hamelers, Henricus Petrus [I0056] Duplessis, Catharina Maria [I0052]
    1943-03-12 E0012 van der Leer, Leendert [I0003] Duplessis, Josephine Alexandrine [I0004]
O Occupation E0150 Duplessis, Damien [I0098]
    E0188 van der Leer, Maarten [I0081]
    1900-01-02 E0138 Grotaers, Arnold Victor [I0026]
    1902-03-12 E0090 Grotaers, Arnold Victor [I0026]
    1903-09-24 E0088 Grotaers, Arnold Victor [I0026]
    1905-09-28 E0092 Grotaers, Arnold Victor [I0026]
    1907-10-12 E0036 Lemmens, Hermanus Hubertus [I0016]
    1907-10-12 E0039 Smeets, Jan Hendrik [I0022]
    1907-10-12 E0040 Jacobs, Anna Maria [I0023]
    1907-11-22 E0094 Grotaers, Arnold Victor [I0026]
    1907-12-10 E0038 Smeets, Maria Josephina Alexandrina Francisca Hubertina [I0017]
    1911 E0084 Duplessis, Guillaume Hubert [I0043]
    1911-04-21 E0098 Duplessis, Pierre [I0048]
    1911-08-11 E0104 Duplessis, Guillaume Hubert [I0043]
    1914-08-22 E0096 Grotaers, Arnold Victor [I0026]
    1918 E0085 Duplessis, Guillaume Hubert [I0043]
    1928-09-29 E0067 van Hinsberg, Josephus Petrus Hubertus [I0037]
    1928-09-29 E0069 van Hinsberg, Peter Hubertus [I0038]
    1930-05-31 E0044 Grootaers, Victor Joseph Leonardus [I0024]
    1930-05-31 E0045 Grotaers, Arnold Victor [I0026]
    1930-05-31 E0046 Jacobs, Jan Mathijs [I0028]
    1931-05-31 E0031 Lemmens, Johannes Hubertus [I0011]
    1931-05-31 E0032 Lemmens, Hermanus Hubertus [I0016]
    1936-06-09 E0073 Lemmens, Johannes Hubertus [I0011]
    1936-06-09 E0074 Lemmens, Hermanus Hubertus [I0016]
R Residence E0051 Grootaers, Victor Joseph Leonardus [I0024] Jacobs, Anna Maria [I0025]
    E0052 Grootaers, Victor Joseph Leonardus [I0024] Jacobs, Anna Maria [I0025]
    E0070 van Hinsberg, Peter Hubertus [I0038]
    1937-05-05 E0053 Grootaers, Victor Joseph Leonardus [I0024] Jacobs, Anna Maria [I0025]
    1937-06-25 E0054 Grootaers, Victor Joseph Leonardus [I0024]
    1945-09-19 E0097 Grotaers, Arnold Victor [I0026] Beckers, Maria Agnes [I0027]
    1958-10-22 E0055 Grootaers, Victor Joseph Leonardus [I0024] Jacobs, Anna Maria [I0025]
    1959-06-15 E0056 Grootaers, Victor Joseph Leonardus [I0024] Jacobs, Anna Maria [I0025]
    1976-02-16 E0057 Grootaers, Victor Joseph Leonardus [I0024] Jacobs, Anna Maria [I0025]