de Lange, Jannigje 1a 2a 3a 4a 5a

Birth Name de Lange, Jannigje
Call Name Jans
Gender female
Age at Death 89 years, 10 months, 25 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1910-07-01 Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands   2a 3a 4a
Death 2000-05-26     6a 5a
Burial 2000-05-29 Zuiderbegraafplaats, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands   6a
Honorific 1964-10-13 Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands Righteous Among the Nations 7a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father de Lange, Teunis
Mother de Haan, Hendrika Adriana
         de Lange, Jannigje 1910-07-01 2000-05-26


Family of van der Leer, Hendrik and de Lange, Jannigje

Married Husband van der Leer, Hendrik ( * 1909-09-09 + 1988-04-27 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1935-05-22 Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands   1a 4a

Source References

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        Huwelijksakte Hendrik van der Leer en Jannigje de Lange



        Jannigje de Lange
        Voornaam: Jannigje
        Tussenvoegsel: de
        Achternaam: Lange
        Leeftijd: 24
        Geboorteplaats: Rotterdam

        Hendrik van der Leer
        Voornaam: Hendrik
        Tussenvoegsel: van der
        Achternaam: Leer
        Leeftijd: 25
        Geboorteplaats: Zwijndrecht
        Moeder bruid:

        Hendrika Adriana de Haan
        Voornaam: Hendrika Adriana
        Tussenvoegsel: de
        Achternaam: Haan
        Vader bruid:

        Teunis de Lange
        Voornaam: Teunis
        Tussenvoegsel: de
        Achternaam: Lange
        Moeder bruidegom:

        Petronella van Dalen
        Voornaam: Petronella
        Tussenvoegsel: van
        Achternaam: Dalen
        Vader bruidegom:

        Jan van der Leer
        Voornaam: Jan
        Tussenvoegsel: van der
        Achternaam: Leer


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        Graf id-nummer: 371433
        Begraafplaatsnr.: 438
        (Plaats)aanduiding: Vak 07 - 5409c


  7. Yad Vashem: The Righteous Among the Nations Database
      • Date: 1964-10-13
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      • Source text:

        Leer van der, Hendrik & Jannigje (de Lange)

        Hendrik and Sophia de Zoete’s daughter, Hadassah, was forced to leave the Lafontaines’ (later van Vliet*) home, where she had been hiding, in Wassenaar, South Holland, because the couple was having marital problems. She first stayed with Hendrika Dekkers* for a few weeks until a more permanent place was found for her with Hendrik and Jannigje (Jans) van der Leer and their daughter, Mia. As soon as Hadassah arrived she was welcomed and treated as one of the family by the van der Leers, who were motivated by their Christian beliefs and a willingness to help those in distress. Hendrika Dekkers acted as the courier between Hadassah’s parents’ hiding place in the Breeplein church in Rotterdam and their three daughters in hiding. She took Hadassah once to play in Reverend Brillenburg Wurth’s* garden, where Hendrik and Sophia, who were at that time hiding with the de Mars* family, could watch. This was the only time they saw one of their daughters while they were in hiding. After seven or eight months, Hadassah left the van der Leers and returned to Franciscus Lafontaine*, who had remarried.

        On October 13, 1964, Yad Vashem recognized Hendrik van der Leer and his wife, Jannigje van der Leer-de Lange, as Righteous Among the Nations.